October 22, 2014

I don’t know how it happened, but today, I’m thrilled to be the featured guest at not one, but THREE of the coolest Writing blogs! Join the gang at Novel Rocket where some publishing journeys read like an epic novel (& find out what kind mine is), then scoot over to The Writers Alley to chime in on how “real” Christian should fiction be. Then visit Carla Stewart’s stylish blog for a peek at how she and I met under the shade of a California redwood. 

I’m honored to be invited by all these cool cats (& all on the same day, total coincidence) & would be quadruple honored if you’d stop by one or all three blogs. Carla is giving away a copy of my book, so be sure to comment to enter that drawing if you’d like a chance to win. I’d love to see you there & Thanks!

Novel Rocket: A Michener Epic Writing Journey With A Happy Ending

The Writers Alley: Can I Be Honest?

Carla Stewart: Those Were The Days

September 30, 2014

Like There’s No Tomorrow launches TODAY!

My first full-length novel is finally here! Who else is Snoopy dancing?

Like There's No Tomorrow is a contemporary, inspirational romance about two single caregivers corresponding on behalf of two quirky old Scottish sisters.

When the pen pals meet, they expect familiarity, but not instant attraction. There’s a wee tug-o-war over a kind but daft old woman, some poignant drama, elderly mischief, faith testing, and the sweet bliss of falling in love.

This book has been called “A witty romance but far more than just a romance, like You’ve Got Mail.” Which is an honor, because in addition to the wit and spunk in that story, there's a depth of heart to it. I really like that in a story!

What about you - do you like a story that is both light-hearted and heart-tugging?

Here are a few other responses to this book:

Like There’s No Tomorrow...will steal your heart from the moment you read the first page.” ~Cindy Kelley, Author and Screenwriter
“Highly recommended!” ~Gayle Roper, Award-Winning Author

“Tender and heart-wrenching...” ~Carla Stewart, Award-Winning Author

“This tender love story captured my heart. It’s a perfect blend of drama, humor and romance topped off with delightful characters that will stay with you long after you’ve closed the book. Like There’s No Tomorrow is one of my favorite reads of the year. And Camille is on my short list of favorite authors.” ~Bonnie Leon, Author

Here are a few online stores where Like There's No Tomorrow is available:

OR - if you’re in the Portland/Gresham/Sandy Oregon area, you can pick up a copy at my Book Signing and Open House on Saturday, Oct 4 from 11-2. Buy a book and get it signed! Plus sample some lovely tea, cookies, and enter a drawing for an Amazon Gift Card! (Details here)
I’d love to see you there!

I owe many, many people a load of thanks for their time, patience, guidance, and encouragement during my ongoing novel writing journey. But most of all, I owe all thanks and praise to the Lord for his steadfast encouragement, timeless truths, inspiration, and the perfect words when the words wouldn't come. Thank you, Jesus!

If you can take an extra 34 seconds and help spread the word to your Twitter followers, here's a ready-to-go tweet! 
Tweet: #LikeTheresNoTomorrow=a tender, witty #Romance about faith, fiery furnaces, & the gift of each new day. http://ctt.ec/1xczI+ @CamilleEide

September 19, 2014

Lena Nelson Dooley is giving away a copy of my book...

Lena Nelson Dooley is hosting me and my upcoming novel on her Christian Fiction blog TODAY! For the next few days, you can leave a comment on her blog and enter a drawing for a free copy of the book.

(Print book sent to US addresses only. eBooks to the ends of the earth.)

Come on over!


September 1, 2014

Labor Day & Birthing a Book-baby

It’s Labor Day in the US and I am doing my part by laboring. Specifically, on preparations for the upcoming release (WooHOO!) of my first full-length novel. 

Bringing Like There’s No Tomorrow from conception to reality has truly been a labor of love. For more than 7 years, I've been writing, revising, re-revising, polishing, and preparing this “baby” in hopes of publication. The book has been picked over by critique partners. It’s been represented by a highly-respected literary agent. It’s been submitted to all the major publishing houses. It’s been adored by editors and considered by publishing committees. It’s been through all the growth and healthy development I could give it myself.
Christina Tarabochia-AL Publisher, Nicole Miller-AL Designer,
Camille Eide-Author, Sherrie Ashcraft-AL President

And now, it’s being “delivered” by an amazing team of women who I like to call The Three Midwives.

My daughter recently gave birth at home with the help of three excellent midwives. They were so professional and so personally attentive to her and her sweet infant (my gorgeous granddaughter! I have pictures...) that I couldn't help but see an obvious similarity. 

The women of Ashberry Lane (Sherrie Ashcraft, Christina Tarabochia, and Nicole Miller) are much like midwives when it comes to birthing a book-baby. This team has worked hard to make sure my book is as healthy as it can be and are working to help it make the best entrance into the world possible. They see purpose and potential in this baby. They have grown to love it as their own and are as invested in its future as I am.

I submitted my book to Ashberry Lane because their mission is to see good quality, God-honoring literature available to readers, and to see hard-working, talented authors succeed. And after "laboring" with them, I am more confident than ever that my baby and I are in the best of hands. As I gaze once again at the beautiful (sneak-peek) face of my book cover, I am thankful for this team and their desire to honor God. We’re more than business partners; we’re like family. And our family is growing! I pray God’s best success for Ashberry Lane and for the authors who are blessed to call themselves part of this wonderful family.

August 15, 2014

How to Win Books And Influence People

Would YOU like to be an Influencer?

My upcoming book, Like There’s No Tomorrow, releases in print and eBook at the end of September from Ashberry Lane Publishing. Authors and their publishers love to find “influential” people who like our book and who can help spread the good word.

Would YOU like a tender, heart-tugging love story sprinkled with a wee bit of humor about two quirky old Scottish sisters bent on reuniting, and their young pen-pals who fall in love even though her family secret could break his heart—again? 

Like There's No Tomorrow is a tale of family, falling in love, faith, fiery furnaces, and the gift of each new day. If you like books by Deborah Raney, Karen Kingsbury, Debbie Macomber, Susan Meissner, Denise Hunter, Robin Jones Gunn, Sandra D. Bricker, Susan May Warren, or Rachel Hauck, you might like this book.

An influencer would receive a copy of the book, then read it and use one or more (or all) of the methods suggested at the end of this post for sharing the book with the people in your reach. 

Are you interested in being an influencer for Like There's No Tomorrow? Please answer the following questions:
  1. Do you have a blog or website?
  2. Are you a reader who likes to review books?
  3. If you have never written a review, are you willing to read a dozen or more online reviews to get a feel for what makes a helpful book review?
If you can answer “Yes!” to one or more of these, leave a comment below (with a link to your blog/website if you have one) and how you would like to be contacted with details. (Please note: number of influencer copies and time-frame is limited, copies assigned at author's discretion.)

How to be an Influencer: 8 Ways To Help Your Favorite Author (from Rachelle Gardner’s Blog)
1. Amazon reviews. If you have positive things to say about a book, go ahead and say them! Don’t be false; don’t rave about a book you don’t really like. But write a good review if you can. Reviews are a powerful tool on Amazon that can make a big difference in an author’s sales. (Camille’s Amazon Page)

Check out the rest of these 8 Book Influencer Tips from Literary Agent Rachelle Gardner.



I've written three novels and a novella (more about those on my website.) I've been writing stuff - legit literary term - all my life, but decided in 2007 to get serious about being published.

I love action movies and Jane Austen. (she’s dead, I know. I found that out when I tried to get her to endorse my novel)

They let me play Bass guitar and sing in a worship band.

I can produce 4 dozen homemade cinnamon rolls in a flash for a crowd of drooling young adults. Or publishing house editors.

I used to have a Harley. Now we have twenty-something kids. Decent trade, really. The window-rattling grumble isn't quite the same, but we are still enjoying the ride.

I am a proud new Grammie. Don't even think about taking candy from my baby.

I hate shopping (Yes, I'm aware that I'm a girl)

My ringtone is the theme from "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly"(whoo-00-oo-00-oo, waa waa waa)

I've lived in Oregon all my life, spent time in Eugene (O! Go DUCKS!), Springfield, Reedsport, and Smith River. Which is not really a town, but a river, about 70 miles long, a tributary of the Umpqua River in southwest Oregon.

Although it's not a town, it is a community with a strong sense of pioneer history. It's cool to say you've lived there, especially if you lived there during the days when you had to take a boat to school. No joke! The old farmhouse my grandfather and my mother grew up in still stands, nestled into a narrow, pasture carpeted valley, complete with a swimmin' hole and its own 'crick'. It may turn up in one of my novels.

There's a rumor that my ancestors had a connection with the Mafia back in Sicily. I used to fantasize as a kid about a big black limo with tinted windows pulling up and whisking me away from school. Ahhh. So THAT'S why I'm having so much trouble conjugating my dangling participles now.

NOT RANDOM: I am challenged by the truth and amazed by the grace of God. And it's either in spite of or because of that grace that I hold a PhD in Learning Stuff the Hard Way.

Like There's No Tomorrow

What if loving means letting go?

Scottish widower Ian MacLean is plagued by a mischievous grannie, bitter regrets, and an ache for something he’ll never have again. His only hope for freedom is to bring his grannie's sister home from America. But first, he'll have to convince her lovely companion, Emily, to let the old woman go.

Emily Chapman devotes herself to foster youth and her beloved Aunt Grace. Caring for others quiets a secret fear she holds close to her heart. But when Ian appears, wanting to whisk Grace off to Scotland, everything Emily needs to protect—including her heart—is at risk.

Like There’s No Tomorrow is a tender, witty love story about two single caregivers, two quirky old sisters bent on reuniting, and too many agendas. It’s a tale of family, fiery furnaces, falling in love, faith, and the gift of each new day.

Like There's No Tomorrow is now available in print & eBook at Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, iTunes, & Kobo.

Visit www.ashberrylane.com and sign up for book news, and visit www.camilleeide.com to sign up for author updates and giveaways.

Like There's No Tomorrow Book Trailer